Service & Breakdowns

Sadly there are many reaons why you may not be enjoying a good experience with your computer equipment, which can be caused by software or hardware issues, but we can help restore your machine.

SPYware and Virus infestations

One of the problems with the internet is that you can easily introduce spyware and viruses into your system, which can corrupt data and slow down your machine to the point of being unusable.
We can help restore your system and eradicate this malware.

Hardware problems

Ageing technolgy is not always compliant with Windows operating system updates and this often causes failures in the operation of your machine, We can help and advise the next best possible source for upgrading your hardware.

You may also experience harware electronic failure, where peripheral devices in your machine such as hard drives, power supplies and memory fail. We can troubleshoot and repair these failures to restore your machine.

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